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Departamento de Colón

Colón is a department in the province of Córdoba, adjacent to the north with the provincial capital. It is the 3rd smallest and the 4th most populated of the provincial departments. The area is 2,588 km², only 1.57% of the total. It extends along the eastern slope of the Sierras Chicas and the Pampa plain. In the mountain area, it houses several cities of the Greater Córdoba and in the plain to its head and most important city: Jesús María, which is a commercial and service center for the entire provincial north. It limits to the north with the department Totoral. To the east with that of Río Primero. To the south with those of Capital and Santa María.

And to the west, with that of Punilla. For cadastral purposes the department is divided into 5 districts: Calera Norte, Constitución, Las Cañas, Río Ceballos and San Vicente.