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Partido de Coronel Dorrego

Coronel Dorrego is one of the 135 parties in the Argentine province of Buenos Aires. His name is in homage to Manuel Dorrego, military and politician of outstanding performance in the War of Independence. Impeller of his creation was Mr. Alberto Lartigau, one of the inhabitants of the area and at that time President of the Senate of the Province of Buenos Aires, who presented the Governor Máximo Paz with the concern of creating a new party. Elevated the project to the Legislature, this sanctions the 14 of October of 1887 the law that arranges the creation of the Party of Coronel Dorrego affecting lands of the Parties of Three Streams and Coronel Pringles. Coronel Dorrego limits with the following matches.

To the north, with Colonel Pringles. To the east, with Tres Arroyos. To the south, the Argentine sea and the Monte Hermoso party. To the west, Colonel Rosales and Colonel Pringles. Its natural limits are, to the east, the Quequén Salado River and to the west the Sauce Grande River. Coronel Dorrego is 100 km from the city of Bahía Blanca, 101 from Tres Arroyos, 597 from Buenos Aires and 326 km from the city of Viedma.