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Departamento de General Taboada

General Taboada is a department located in the province of Santiago del Estero. It is bounded to the north by the Juan Felipe Ibarra department, to the south by the Belgrano department, to the east by the province of Santa Fe and to the west by the Avellaneda department. This department falls in the history of Matará and Avellaneda within the fells of the forts of Suncho Pozo, Protección and Añatuya, being this last center of the present century projected towards the provinces of Santa Fe and Chaco. It consists of 6,040 km², 4.4% of the total provincial area, being by surface the 9th department within the 27 jurisdictions in which the province is divided politically.

According to the 2001 census, 36,683 inhabitants lived in it, 4.56% of the provincial total. With respect to the census of 1991, a slight decrease in weight is observed. Its activity is oriented to rainfed crops, soybean, corn. Also squash, sorghum, cotton, sunflower. Together with Copo and Alberdi, they make up the main productive charcoal region.