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Departamento de Pocito

Pocito is a department of the province of San Juan, located to the south center of it, approximately in the center of the region of Cuyo, in the central-western sector of the Tulum Valley, approximately in the western center of Argentina. This department has 515 km², where a mountain landscape develops to the west and another, to the east, with less slope and very few orographic accidents, concentrating there more than 50,000 inhabitants, supported economically, in a balanced way, in agricultural activities, where an important fruit and vegetable production predominates, and several tertiary and agroindustrial activities. At the same time, an important center of Argentine wine production, whose elaboration of wines is both tableware, artisanal and high-end.

Pocito stands out for being part of the Wine Routes of San Juan and for having an outstanding rural tourism in the province.