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Partido de Tres Arroyos

See also Tres Arroyos. Tres Arroyos is one of the 135 parties in the Argentine province of Buenos Aires. Its head is the city of Tres Arroyos. It has the great tourist attraction of the Argentine Sea, which allows you to enjoy 100 km of exceptional beaches, along which are its three spas: Claromecó, Reta and Orense, of imposing natural beauty. It is divided into 12 barracks with an area of ​​596,288 ha. It is a semi-dune plain in the southeast of the province of Buenos Aires with an average height of 108 masl and separated from the Argentine Sea by an important chain of dunes, up to a thousand meters wide.

It limits to the north with the parties of Adolfo Gonzales Chaves and Coronel Pringles. To the east with the match of San Cayetano. To the west with the party of Coronel Dorrego and to the south with the Atlantic Ocean.