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Cantón Catamayo

Catamayo before La Toma is a canton that is located in the province of Loja, Ecuador. It is characterized by wonderful natural landscapes in which exuberant flora and fauna stand out. It possesses the most fertile valleys, of inexhaustible agricultural abundance of the Region, the same ones that are bathed by two rivers, Catamayo and Guayabal. It has innumerable attractions both natural and tourist and cultural etc. Its climate is delicious with a summer dye which makes this city one of the ideal destinations for those who seek to enjoy a vacation in a pleasant environment surrounded by splendid valleys and natural landscapes.

Because of its geographical location, it has become a transit city to all the places in Ecuador, as well as having the City of Catamayo Airport, a means by which it communicates Loja with the rest of the country, which is why Catamayo is shown as a city ​​always ready to receive the visitor or simply be the place where travelers make their stop to rest for a moment and enjoy the unique taste of its delicious cuisine, the same as found in different restaurants in the city of Catamayen. Its people are friendly and hardworking becoming a very important factor for the development of the City. In Catamayo is the San José Parish.