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Cantón Daule

The Canton of Daule is located in Ecuador, in the coastal region of the Province of Guayas, with a population of 120 thousand inhabitants, of which 65 thousand live in the urban area, in the city of Daule, and 54 thousand in In the rural area, only 7,038 houses have a public network of drinking water, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses in 2001. This represents 37.5% of private homes.34.4% is supplied through rivers and springs.13.1% do it by delivery cars and the rest of wells or other forms. Daule has an area of ​​475 km² and has four rural parishes: Laurel, Limonal, Juan Bautista Aguirre and Los Lojas. It has an urban satellite parish that is La Aurora.

In addition there are 180 small enclosures in the canton. Due to its proximity to the metropolis of Guayaquil and having its own parish within the urban agglomeration of Guayaquil, the canton of Daule is part of the Conurbation of Guayaquil - Durán-Milagro-Salitre-Daule which gives them a population of 3,273.205.