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Cantón Guano

Guano is a canton of the Province of Chimborazo in the Republic of Ecuador. It has an area of ​​473 km2, and its altitude ranges from 2,000 to 6,310 meters above sea level, in the Chimborazo mountain range. The cantonal head is located ten minutes from Riobamba. It is an important craft center of woolen fabrics. His specialty is the manufacture of carpets. It is located to the north of the province, so it borders Tungurahua to the north, to the south and west it borders the canton Riobamba and a small part of the province of Bolívar, and the east with the Chambo river.

According to the Integrated System of Social Indicators of Ecuador, SIISE, poverty for unsatisfied basic needs, reaches 83.44% of the total population of the canton, and extreme poverty reaches 49.96%. It has an area of ​​473.3 square km, corresponds to 7% of provincial territory. The average temperature is 17°C. There is diversity of climatic floors, from the valley to the highest mountain snow. For this reason, there is vegetation of all kinds, including that of the páramos.