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Cantón Samborondón

Samborondón is a canton in the province of Guayas, in the Republic of Ecuador. It is located in front of Guayaquil, separated by the Daule River and facing the Duran Canton, separated by the Babahoyo River. To get from both cantons is the Bridge of National Unity and the North Alternate Bridge. The Guayas River begins precisely at the southern end of Samborondón, in the La Puntilla parish, by the confluence of the Daule River and the Babahoyo River. It consists of a rural parish, Tarifa, and two urban, La Puntilla, known for its population of middle-upper and upper class, in addition to the large number of shopping centers located in the area.

And the cantonal head of Samborondón, a rural town dedicated mainly to the planting of rice, milk production and livestock activities. Almost all the families of the Ecuadorian coast have used clay objects, made by the skillful hands of the Samborondeños and who had such a great reputation. Samborondón is considered part of the Conurbation of Guayaquil-Duran-Milagro-Salitre-Daule-Nobol-Samborondon and of the planning zone number 8 of the INEC that in total have 3,273,205 and 2,654,274 inhabitants, respectively.