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Alajuelita is a canton located in the center-north area of ​​the province of San José, in Costa Rica. Bordered with the canton of San José in the north, with the canton of Escazú in the west, with the canton of Acosta in the south and with the cantons of Aserrí and Desamparados in the east, and has a territorial extension of 21.17 km², its head is the district of Alajuelita, with category of city. The canton has 89 15 inhabitants, according to the latest demographic projection of INEC. The canton is characterized by traditions such as chinchiví and chicha. In addition, its cantonal parties, which conclude with a parade of cattlemen in honor of Santo Cristo de Esquipulas.

From its mountains you can appreciate one of the best views of the city of San José. Alajuelita has a Human Development Index of 0.676, classified as average.