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Aserrí is a canton located in the central area of ​​the province of San José, in Costa Rica, and partially belongs to the Greater Metropolitan Area. Bordered by the canton of Alajuelita in the northwest, with the Cantón de Acosta in the west, with the Canton of Parrita in the south and with the cantons of Tarrazú, León Cortés Castro and Desamparados in the east, and has a territorial extension of 167,10 km², its head is the District of Aserrí, with category of city. The canton has 61 338 inhabitants, according to the latest demographic projection of INEC.

The canton is characterized by its famous tamaleras, which produce some of the most popular tamales in the country and provide employment for many inhabitants of the canton. It is also characterized by the production of masquerades. In the canton is located the mythical Aserrí Stone, a geological formation associated with the legend of the Zárate Witch, Aserrí has ​​a human development index of 0,749, classified as high.