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La Cruz is the tenth canton of the province of Guanacaste in Costa Rica, constituted as such since 1969, being at the same time one of the most northern of the Republic. This canton borders Nicaragua to the north and is where the main border post with this country, called Peñas Blancas, is located. Its head is the homonymous city of La Cruz, located about 60 km north of Liberia, capital of the province and 16 km from the border. According to the 2011 National Census, the population of the canton was 19,181 inhabitants, of which 18.2% were born abroad.

The same census highlights that there were 4,732 occupied dwellings, of which, 41.6% were in good condition and there were overcrowding problems in 10.7% of the dwellings.37.1% of its inhabitants lived in urban areas. Among other data, the literacy level of the canton is 93.8%, with an average schooling of 6.2 years.