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Turrialba is the number 5 canton of the province of Cartago. Costa Rica. It was created on August 14,1903, during the administration of the President of the Republic Lic. Ascensión Esquivel Ibarra, product of the political management of Don Jenaro Bonilla Aguilar. It is one of the largest cantons in the country, with an approximate area of ​​1,657 square kilometers, which is equivalent to about 52% of the total area of ​​the province of Cartago. Its average altitude is 1000 meters above sea level, and in its territory there are two of the highest peaks in the country, namely the Turrialba Volcano and the Chirripó Hill. Turrialba limits to the north with the cantons of Pococí, Guácimo, Siquirres and Matina.

To the east with those of Limón and Talamanca. To the west with those of Jiménez, Alvarado, Oreamuno and Paraíso. Finally, to the south with that of Pérez Zeledón. The city of Turrialba is the cantonal capital. It is at an altitude of 646 m. S. N. M., in the valley that makes up the river of the same name and is 64 kilometers from San Jose, the Costa Rican capital.