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Cartago is one of the seven provinces of Costa Rica. It is located in the center of the country, without access to the coasts. It limits to the north and the east with Limón, to the west and to the south with San José. Its capital, Cartago was until 1823 capital of Costa Rica, during the colony and the beginning of the Republic. According to the National Census conducted in 2011, the province has a population of 490,903 inhabitants. Of these, 82.5% resided in urban areas. In the same census, it was determined that there were 130,464 occupied dwellings in the province, of which 70.90% were in good condition and 3.50% of the dwellings had overcrowded conditions. Other demographic data: Literacy: 97.9%.

Average schooling: 8.4 years. Population born abroad: 4.2%.