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Campana is one of the 135 parties in the Argentine province of Buenos Aires. It is located at a latitude of 34°12 'South, a longitude of 58°56' West and an altitude of 20 masl. It occupies 982 km², and has a density of 72.7 hab./km². The island part represents more than two thirds of the game. Its head is the city of Campana. According to the 2010 census, the population of the party is 94,461 inhabitants. The Campana match is located 75 km from Buenos Aires. In the Province of Buenos Aires, on the right bank of the Paraná Guazú River. The city of Campana, head of the party, sits on the right bank of the Paraná de las Palmas river.

Its city head is of eminently industrial characteristics, being headquarters of varied and important industries, in several cases world-wide leaders in their respective headings, like Techint. In recent years, both the city and the Campana party have achieved relevance and national and international recognition due to the strength of some of its industries.