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Partido de Merlo

Merlo is one of the 135 parties of the Argentine province of Buenos Aires. It is part of the urban agglomerate known as Greater Buenos Aires or conurbano and is located in the west. Its head is the city of Merlo and is also integrated by the cities of San Antonio de Padua, San Martin Park, Libertad, Mariano Acosta and Pontevedra. The name of the match is in honor of Francisco de Merlo. A Spanish member of the Cabildo of Buenos Aires who had been acquiring most of the lands of the current party and neighboring towns. He established his stay helmet in the center of the city of Merlo.

Later, the town was founded with the name of San Antonio del Camino through a Royal Certificate dated August 31,1754. The Merlo Party was created on October 25,1864, when Law 422 of the Legislature of the Buenos Aires province. Its mayor since December 10,2015 is Gustavo Menéndez.