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Departamento de Montecarlo

Montecarlo is an Argentine city in the province of Misiones, head of the department of the same name. The Montecarlo department is also composed of the municipalities of Caraguataí to the south and Puerto Piray to the north. It is located at latitude 26°33 'South and a longitude of 54°44' West, on the banks of the Paraná River. It is accessed through National Route 12, which connects it with Posadas and Puerto Iguazú. It was founded on May 4,1920 by German immigrants arriving from Paraguay and Brazil, it is known as the "National Capital of the Orchid" and the "Provincial de la Flor". Within the municipality of Montecarlo is the urban nucleus of Laharrague.

Located on the banks of the Paraná River is 180 Km. From the city of Posadas and 124 Km. From Puerto Iguazú, Montecarlo is the capital of the Department to which the homonymous municipality belongs. The cities of Caraguatay and Piray.