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Departamento de Paraná

Paraná is the capital city of the province of Entre Ríos, Argentina. It is located to the west of the province, east of the Paraná River - shortly before it receives the Río Salado. Administratively it is a municipality head of the Paraná department, it includes a rural area and the locality of the same name within the agglomerate Gran Paraná in the Sauce district. Since 2009 there is a zoning of the city, through four relatively autonomous units. It has 137 km² and a population of 247 863 inhabitants, according to final data from the 2010 census, being the most populated city in the province and the fourteenth nationwide. In addition, it is the main component of the agglomerate called Gran Paraná.

Together with the Gran Santa Fe they make up an urban area of ​​more than 1,000,000 inhabitants, linked by the Raúl Uranga-Carlos Sylvestre Begnis subfluvial tunnel. Paraná was formed at the time of the Spanish colonization, but it was not founded as a city, but its settlement was gradual. Between 1853 and 1861 it was the capital of the Argentine Confederation. The parquizadas ravines, like the Urquiza Park, are one of the unique characteristics of Paraná, which has a close relationship with the river that gives it its name.