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Departamento de Paso de los Libres

Paso de los Libres is a city in Argentina in the province of Corrientes, head of the department of the same name. Located next to the Brazilian border, in front of the city of Uruguayana, it was founded on September 12,1843 by General Joaquín Madariaga, located 362 kilometers from the City of Corrientes. The municipality includes Guardaisla Island. In this city was born on October 28,1908 Arturo Frondizi, lawyer and Argentine politician who held the presidency of the country between May 1,1958 and March 29,1962. It has road interconnection with the city of Uruguayana, Brazil for the International Bridge Agustín P. Justo - Getúlio Vargas. Paso de los Libres is famous for Brazilian-style carnival celebrations.

The city is known as the Cradle and National Capital of Carnival, there are 1879 records of this festivity but the Brazilian style was incorporated at the end of the 40s. It is currently the operational base of aerial resources of the National Fire Management Plan. The city has strategic international commercial importance, considering that it is located equidistant from Buenos Aires, Montevideo and Asunción.