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Departamento de San Miguel

San Miguel is a department of the province of Corrientes, in the northeast of Argentina. It occupies 3018 km² in the center-north region of the province. The region was historically inhabited by the Guarani and housed, at the time of the colony, Jesuitical reductions. Loreto, one of the largest population centers in the area along with the departmental capital, has its origin in one of them. San Miguel limits to the west with the Concepción and General Paz departments. To the east with the Ituzaingó department. And to the north with Paraguay, a country whose border with Argentina in this area is demarcated by the Paraná River.

The department is sparsely inhabited today, since a large part of its territory belongs to the natural reserve of the Ibera estuaries. According to the 2010 national census, 10,572 people lived in the department.