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Partido de Tigre

Tigre is one of the 135 parties in the Argentine province of Buenos Aires. It is part of the urban agglomerate known as Greater Buenos Aires, located in the north of it. The party includes the first section of the Paraná Delta and its low-lying islands, as well as a continental zone in which is its head town, which is Tigre, and other locations such as Don Torcuato, Ricardo Rojas, El Talar, General Pacheco, Benavídez, Los Troncos del Talar, Dique Luján, Rincón de Milberg and the Nordelta enterprise.

The party limits to the north with the Paraná de las Palmas River separating it from the San Fernando Party, to the east with the Río de la Plata, to the southeast with the parties of San Fernando, San Isidro and San Martín, to the southwest with the parties of San Miguel and Malvinas Argentinas and to the northwest with the Escobar Party. It occupies an area of ​​148 km² in the continent and 220 km² of islands, and its population was 380.709 inhabitants in 2010. In the municipality, the continental section, agglomerated to Buenos Aires, is separated from the insular sector of the Paraná Delta by the river Luján.