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Departamento de Villaguay

Villaguay is a department of the center of the province of Entre Ríos in the Argentine Republic. It is the fourth largest in the province with an area of ​​6753 km² and the ninth most populated, with 48 965 inhabitants according to 2010 census. It is bordered to the west by the departments of La Paz and Paraná, to the north by the Federal Department, to the south by the Nogoyá, Tala and Uruguay departments and to the east with the Colón and San Salvador departments. According to the methodology used by the INDEC for the 2010 census, the Villaguay department comprised 7 locations: Raices Station, Miguel Sajaroff Engineer or La Capilla, Jubilee, Paso de la Laguna, Villa Clara, Villa Dominguez, Villaguay.

Considered a locality in the 2001 census, but lost that category in 2010. Paso de la Laguna was not considered a location in the 1991 census. The municipality of Villaguay has an ejido of 114 km², Villa Dominguez has 80 km² and the from Villa Clara 94 km².