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City and Borough of Birmingham

Birmingham is a city and a metropolitan municipality belonging to the United Kingdom, in the county West Midlands, of the Midlands region of the West. Due to its population, Birmingham is considered the second city in the country. The reputation of the city was forged as the locomotive of the Industrial Revolution in the United Kingdom, being known as "The workshop of the world" or the "City of a thousand trades". The City of Birmingham has a population of 1,074,300 inhabitants. It is part of the Greater West Midlands conurbation, which has a population of 2,440,986 inhabitants and includes several cities and neighboring municipalities, such as Coventry, Solihull, Wolverhampton and the Black Country towns.

The natives of Birmingham are known as Brummies, a term that derives from the nickname of the city. Birmingham is a diverse ethnic and cultural city. In the 2011 census, 57.9% of the population was white.26.6%, Asian or Asian-British.8.9%, black or West Indian. While the rest is mestizo or other ethnic groups.