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Province of Soria

Soria is a province in the north of Spain, located in the eastern part of the autonomous community of Castilla y León. Soria is by far the least populated Spanish province, with a density of 8.60 inhabitants / km²: one of the smallest in the European Union. The population of the province is 88 600 inhabitants.44.1% in 2018 lived in the capital, Soria. It also has one of the oldest populations in Europe: 6% of its inhabitants are over 85 years old. The province has more than 500 population centers, grouped into 183 municipalities, of which more than half are localities of less than 100 inhabitants.

Only eleven of them have more than 1000 inhabitants and only Almazán and Soria capital have more than 5,000 inhabitants. The average altitude, of 1025 meters, and the mountains located to the north of the province condition the climate. To the east and south there are counties belonging to the Ebro basin, in the tributary of the Jalón river. In the north there are also areas that drain into the Ebro, the basins of the Alhama and Cidacos rivers. Most of the province forms the headwaters of the Duero basin. There are several regions: Tierra de Ágreda, with capital Ágreda, east bordering Aragón and presided over by Moncayo. The Soriana Plateau Land of cereals and beet in the Douro Valley.

On the border with the province of Burgos, Pinares, where the Picos de Urbión are located, the birthplace of the Duero and the mythical Laguna Negra that inspired Antonio Machado for his poem La tierra de Alvar González. Tierras Altas, to the Northeast, poor and rugged area but with important resources of icnitas. And the regions of the South of Soria, cereal and with wealth of wool cattle, that border with the provinces of Segovia and Guadalajara. On July 23,2008, it became the first province to inaugurate the digital ignition integrated in the Specific Action Plan for Soria, which only proceeded to disconnect the national analog emissions of the issuers of the capital and a third of the Province.