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Province of Teruel

Teruel is a Spanish province located in the northeastern part of the Iberian Peninsula. It is also the southernmost of the autonomous community of Aragon. Its capital is the city of Teruel. It is bordered by the provinces of Zaragoza, to the north, Tarragona and Castellón, to the east, Valencia and Cuenca, to the south, and Guadalajara, to the west. Geographically, it is found mainly in the southern area of ​​the Iberian system, although a small portion of the provincial northeast already belongs to the depression of the Ebro. The surface of the province is 14 809 km² and its population amounts to 134 572 inhabitants, of which a quarter live in the capital.

This assumes a population density of 9.09 inhabitants / km², one of the lowest in Spain. The province of Teruel currently comprises 236 municipalities, most of them with a small population. The most important municipalities of the province, next to the capital, are Alcañiz, Andorra, Calamocha, Calanda and Utrillas. The province of Teruel stands out in Spain for its relief and picturesque landscape of the Mediterranean mountain. In addition to agriculture and mining, which have dominated the provincial economy until the most recent past, today tourism, energy and an incipient industry are the mainstays of the Teruel economy. In particular, the food industry occupies a prominent place, with ham from Teruel, ternasco from Aragón, Bajo Aragón oil, Calanda peach and Sarrión black truffle.