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Province of Valladolid

Valladolid is a Spanish province belonging to the autonomous community of Castilla y León, northwest of the Iberian Peninsula. It is geographically located in the North Plateau, within the Duero basin. It has a population of 521 130 inhabitants in a total of 225 municipalities, an area of ​​8111 km² and a population density of 64.24 inhabitants / km². Its capital is the city of Valladolid. It limits with the provinces of Burgos, Palencia and León by the north. With Zamora, in the west. With the provinces of Salamanca and Ávila in the south. And with the province of Segovia in the east. It is, therefore, the only Spanish province surrounded only and totally by others of its own autonomous community.

It is the only peninsular province that absolutely lacks mountains. Precisely because of its plain it has a great strategic importance because it is an important communications node. From the national point of view it is the road that connects Madrid with all the north of Spain, from Vigo to San Sebastián. From the international point of view here passes the shortest land route that connects Portugal with France, from the north of Portugal to the south of France.

This province stands out for having one of the highest Human Development Indexes in the world, highlighting as the province with the best level of education in Spain, it is famous for its gastronomy as well as for its wines with designations of origin - among them, the denomination of Origin Ribera del Duero, the denomination of Origin of Rueda, the denomination of Origin Cigales, the denomination of Origin Toro and the Denomination of Origin Tierra de León. In this province was installed the capital of the Castilian court and former capital of the Spanish Empire during the reigns of Charles I, Philip II and Philip III, has a province full of castles and fortresses. Its capital has an important historical-artistic heritage and one of the most important sculpture museums in Europe. The province of Valladolid is especially famous for its processions of Holy Week, both in the capital, as in the towns of Medina de Rioseco and Medina del Campo. In addition, the province has two Unesco heritage within the Memory of the World category: the Treaty of Tordesillas and the General Archive of Simancas.