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Worcestershire is one of the forty seven counties of England,. United Kingdom, with capital in Worcester. Located in the Midlands region of the West, it limits to the north with Shropshire, Staffordshire and Western Midlands, to the east with Warwickshire, to the south with Gloucestershire and to the west with Herefordshire. To the west, the county is bordered by the Malvern Hills, next to which lies the old spa town of Malvern. The western slope of the hills overlooks the county of Herefordshire. The southern part is border with Gloucestershire and the north shore of Costwolds, to the east is Warwickshire. The two main rivers that flow through the county are the Severn River and the Avon River.

In addition to its capital, Worcester, and several other large cities in the northern part of the county, the area is still largely rural. Much of the county used to be devoted to the cultivation of fruit trees and hops and although this has decreased significantly since World War II, there are still enough gardens around the Vale of Evesham that the Association of British Motorists has marked as the "Route of flowers".