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City of York

York is a historic fortress town in North Yorkshire, England, the county of which it is the capital. The Ouse and Foss rivers converge in this city. The city has played an important role in its 2000 year history. The city was founded as Eboracum in the year 71 d. C. By the Romans and turned it into one of the two capitals of Roman Britain. During that period, great figures were associated to this city, like Constantino the Great. The entire Roman Empire was ruled from York by Septimius Severus for a period of two years. Later the Angles would arrive. The city was called Eoferwic and became the capital of the Kingdom of Northumbria.

The Vikings took the city in 866, renaming it Jórvic. During this period of Norman rule it was the capital of the kingdom of the same name, dominating much more than the north of England. Around the year 1000 it was definitively called York. Richard II wanted to make York the capital of England, but he was deposed before. After the war of the Two Roses, York lodged to the advice of the north, and was considered the capital of the north. It would only last a decade, that of 1660, due to the decline of the city. However, York was the capital of the county of Yorkshire, to which he lent his name. The province of York is one of the two provinces of the Anglican church, along with that of Canterbury.

Since 1996, the term of the city of York describes a unitary authority that includes rural areas beyond the old city limits. The urban area has a population of 137,505 inhabitants, while the whole includes some 184,900 people. Currently, the old town is an important tourist destination, which attracts visitors from all over the world.