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Playas, is a canton of the province of Guayas in the Republic of Ecuador. The Playas canton is located in the southwest of the province of Guayas. Its cantonal head is the city of General Villamil, better known as "Playas". It is 96 kilometers from the provincial capital Guayaquil. It limits the north and east with the Guayaquil and Santa Elena cantons. To the south and west with the Pacific Ocean. Its territory has an area of ​​280 km2 and its population is 42,000 inhabitants, of which 34 409 live in its cantonal capital. In beach time that amount is easily doubled and also in Carnival in February.

Despite its great distance between Guayaquil and Playas, Playas is part of the Conurbation of Guayaquil, since the spa corner was part of the Guayaquil Canton and has strong political ties with the metropolitan canton.