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Mayabeque is one of the 15 provinces of the Republic of Cuba, which emerged on August 1,2010, when the National Assembly of People's Power of Cuba, agreed to amend Law No.1304 of 1976 on the "Political-Administrative Division", approving the creation of the provinces of Mayabeque and Artemisa based on the segmentation of the old province of Havana. The name comes from the Mayabeque River and from the beach of the same name on the south coast. The capital of the province of Mayabeque is the city of San José de las Lajas. The Mayabeque Province is the smallest in the country with the exception of the city of Havana and the one with the smallest population.

San José de las Lajas is also the smallest provincial capital of Cuba. The province, limits to the east with Matanzas, to the south with the Gulf of Batabanó, to the north with the Straits of Florida and Havana and to the west with the Province of Artemisa.