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Migori County is a county in the former province of Nyanza, in southwestern Kenya. Migori County is located in western Kenya and borders Homa Bay to the north, Kisii to the northeast, Narok to the east and southeast, Tanzania to the south and southwest and Lake Victoria to the west. The capital is the city of Migori, which is also its largest city. The county has a population of 917,170. Migori County is perhaps the most diverse in Nyanza after Kisumu. The inhabitants include Suba-Luos, Luos, Kuria, Abagusii, Luhya, Somalis, small groups of Indians, Arabs and Nubians. The city of Migori serves as an important link between Kenya and Tanzania and the second most viable commercial center in Luo-Nyanza after Kisumu.

Other important cities in Migori County include Kehanncha and Isebania in the district of Kuria. With the national creation of new districts in 2007, Migori was divided into the districts of Rongo and Migori. The county seat of Migori remained in Migori, and those in the district of Rongo moved to the city of Rongo. The division occurs between Suba and the Uriri Division. The population density is 353 BY SQ. Km and 43% of the population live below the poverty line. The distribution by age was 0-14 years 49%, 15-64 years 48% and more than 65 years 3%.