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Abkhazia is a region, a mountainous land, crossed by the Caucasus, and whose coasts are bathed by the Black Sea. Abkhazia is controlled by a de facto independent republic since 1992. However, Georgia and the vast majority of the international community consider it an autonomous republic belonging to that country, while Russia, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Nauru consider it an independent state. Internationally it is a territory unknown both socially and politically. A study showed that only 2.4% of the population of Spain, the United States, Mexico, Japan and Australia knew about the existence of this territory. Much of the territory of Abkhazia is covered by forests of oak, beech and alder.

In the altitude range from sea level to 600 meters above sea level, the region is rich in deciduous forests. Above this level, and up to 1800 meters above sea level, diverse species of conifers proliferate, including some of the tallest trees in Europe, such as firs that exceed 70 meters. Between 1800 and 2900 masl, you can find meadows with alpine characteristics. Finally, above that altitude, the eternal snows of the mountain range and the glaciers extend. The main rivers are the Bzib and the Kodori. It also has the Reprua, considered the shortest river in the world with only 18 m. Of length.