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Northwest Territories

Territories of the Northwest is one of the three territories that, together with the ten provinces, make up the thirteen federal entities of Canada. Its capital and most populated city is Yellowknife. It is located, as the name suggests, in the northwest of the country, bounded on the north by the Arctic Ocean, on the east by Nunavut, on the southeast by Manitoba, on the south by Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia, and on the west by Yukon. With 42,514 habs. In 2008 it is the third least populated entity-ahead of Yukon and Nunavut, the least populated-with 1 346 106 km², the third largest - behind Nunavut and Quebec - and 0.03 inhabitants / km², the second less densely populated, behind Nunavut.

Some of its geographical features include the vast Great Bear Lake and the Great Slave Lake, as well as the immense Mackenzie River and the canyons of the Nahanni National Park, a park qualified as Canada's Natural Protected Area and declared a World Heritage Site by the Unesco The islands of the territory in the Canadian Arctic archipelago include: Banks Island, Borden Island, Prince Patrick Island, and parts of Victoria Island and Melville Island. The highest point is Mount Nirvana, near the Yukon border, with an elevation of 2773 m.