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Alaska is one of fifty states that, together with Washington D. C., form the United States of America. Its capital is Juneau and its most populous city is Anchorage. It is located in the extreme northwest of North America, in the western region of the country, Pacific Division. It limits to the north with the Arctic Ocean, to the east with Canada, to the south with the Pacific Ocean and to the west with the Bering Sea. With 1 717 856 km² it is the largest state in the country and the seventh in the world, behind the republic of Sakha, Western Australia, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Greenland, Nunavut and Queensland. With 710 231 habs.

In 2010, the fourth least populated - ahead of North Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming, the least populated - and with 0.41 inhabitants / km², the least densely populated. It was the penultimate one in being admitted in the Union, the 3 of January of 1959, like the number 49 state, only before Hawaii. It is the state with the highest proportion of public employees with respect to the population. Alaska is named after the Aleutian word alyeska or alaxsxaq, meaning "big land," or more literally,"the object against which the action of the sea is directed." The Alaskan flag represents, on a blue background, the stars that they form the constellation of the Big Dipper and, in the upper right corner, the polar star.

On March 30,1867, the United States bought Alaska from the Russian Empire for $ 7,200,000, while the United States tried, during the first decades of the twentieth century, to improve communications and promote the colonization of the Matanuska Valley. However, World War II and naval battles in the Aleutian Islands with Japan changed the direction of US policy. UU In the affairs of Alaska. Thus, in 1942, a communication highway was built in months to guarantee the defense of the Alaska Territory, while establishing new military bases and promoting civil settlements. The end of the world war and the beginning of the Cold War accelerated the need to integrate this territory into the Union. In 1959, Alaska was finally accepted as the 49th state of the United States of America. The discovery of oil fields has allowed enormous economic growth in Alaska during the last decades, despite geographical isolation and harsh living conditions.

The greatest milestone in its development has been the construction, since 1974, of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, a 1,269-km pipeline linking Prudhoe Bay with the port of Valdez. But oil has also been the source of certain disasters, such as the accident in 1989 when the supertanker Exxon Valdez ran aground in the waters of Alaska and caused a black tide that has been described as one of the greatest ecological disasters in history, the disaster of the Exxon Valdez.