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The Island of Vieques is an island-municipality of the Caribbean Sea that is part of the archipelago of Puerto Rico, in the northeast of the Caribbean, which is part of a set of islands sometimes known as the Spanish Virgin Islands. The island is located ten kilometers southeast of Puerto Rico and fourteen kilometers south of the island-municipality of Culebra. Vieques is part of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico."The Mother Island, the pregnant island, broke its pain in the sea. The Mother Island opened its belly and the Nena Island was born. The Nena Island, named after the Puerto Rican bard Luis Llorens Torres, combines beauty and history in a territory of 33 kilometers long and 7.2 wide.

The word Vieques derives from the Taíno and means 'small land'. For other authors, comes from Bieque, taíno cacique that inhabited the island. English settlers from neighboring islands called Vieques Crab Island because of the abundance of crabs. However, Vieques first appeared on maps in 1527 with its current name. In reality, there is no consensus on the origin of the name, certainly Taíno. Dominates the landscape Mount Pirate, to the west, and Cerro Matías, to the east. Surrounding the central mountains, the coast covers extensive lagoons and mangrove swamps, as well as coral reefs.