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Vega Baja

Vega Baja is a municipality of Puerto Rico, is located by the North Central of Puerto Rico, located on the North coast with the Atlantic Ocean. To the South, with the municipalities of Morovis and Corozal. On the East, with the municipality of Vega Alta. And on the west with the municipality of Manatí. It is part of the Metropolitan Statistical Area of ​​San Juan-Caguas-Guaynabo. Vega Baja is known as the "Melao Melao City", referring to its sugarcane past. It is also known as the "Ciudad del Naranjal", since the Chinese were the minor fruit of greater cultivation in this town. The municipality occupies an area of ​​121.4 km². Its patron is Our Lady of the Rosary.

The municipality is organized in the neighborhoods: Algarrobo, Almirante Norte, Almirante Sur, Cabo Caribe, Ceiba, Cibuco, Puerto Nuevo, Pugnado Adentro, Pugnado Afuera, Quebrada Arenas, Río Abajo, Río Arriba, Vega Baja Pueblo and Yeguada. One of the hallmarks of the town of Vega Baja is the Jorge Otero Military Museum, which is located in the Tortuguero area and where materials used in World War II and the Korean War are preserved. It also has two important theater in the urban area. The America Theater, of art deco style, was inaugurated in 1924 as a town cinema with a capacity for 527 spectators. This theater operated until 1985. The Fénix Theater, was built in 1917 in the neoclassical style with room for 800 people. It has four dressing rooms and a spacious stage. Vega Baja is also distinguished for being a municipality rich in archaeological finds.

In this town, what was designated the "Paso del Indio" was discovered, which exhibits evidence of the Ostionoide culture. According to the archaeologists who worked on the discovery of indigenous human burial in Vega Baja, this is a world-class site, since it is said that, possibly, the most complete study on the prehistoric human remains of Puerto Rico was made. On the other hand Vega Baja offers visitors a variety of recreational areas, since their natural resources are diverse. The beaches and recreation areas such as Puerto Nuevos, Tortuguero and El Tecre qualify it for the development of eco-tourism. So are its springs: El Ojo de Agua, Charco Azul and Encantada.