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San Germán is a municipality of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico founded in 1573. It is located southwest of Puerto Rico and bounded on the north by Mayagüez and Maricao, on the east by Sabana Grande, on the west by Cabo Rojo and Hormigueros, and on the south by Lajas San Germán is divided into 18 neighborhoods and San Germán Pueblo, the urban and administrative center of the Municipality of San Germán. His name is Sangermeño. San Germán is the second oldest town in Puerto Rico, San Juan being the first. During the seventeenth century, the island was divided into two administrative regions, San Germán being the head of the western region of the island.

From these two regions, the 78 municipalities that the island currently contains were founded. If a line is drawn between Arecibo to the north and Ponce to the south, an approximation of the former extension of the San German region can be obtained.