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Moca is a municipality of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, located in the northwest region of the island. It is bordered on the north by the municipalities of Aguadilla and Isabela, on the south by Añasco, on the west by the municipalities of Aguada and Aguadilla, and on the east by the municipalities of Isabela and San Sebastián. Moca is made up of 12 neighborhoods. The name of Moca comes from the tree Andira Ínermis, of beautiful pink / purple flowers. This tree was adopted as its representative tree on February 19,1972. Moca is famous for its "mundillo" cord. The world is the Puerto Rican name for the "bobbin lace". The church of Moca was renovated in the 1970s.. This town has many artists.

Singers like Antonio Caban Vale. El Topo. Bury Caban. Many organic foods are manufactured today.