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Hormigueros is a municipality located west of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Hormigueros is divided into 5 neighborhoods and Hormigueros Pueblo, the urban and administrative center of the municipality of Hormigueros. The name is believed to have been put by 2 theories that there was an invasion of ants in the town and the other option is that it was the town where the virgin appeared to Don Giraldo Gonzales to be the shrine in a hermitage every time Peregrinas came from all the villages of P. R it seemed that it was an ant anthill.

The town is divided by sectors, the names are Lavadero, Plan Bonito, Jaguitas, San Roumaldo Plots, Las Plumas, 5, Valle Hermoso and Abajo, Las Delicias, Guanajibo and the urban area. The town of Hormigueros is located between Mayaguez Cabo Rojo San Germán. The rivers that pass through the town are the Rosario River and the Guanajibo River. The town of Hormigueros It was the birthplace of Segundo Ruiz Belvis. Also great singers like Bobby Cruz. The town does not have tourist places but it does have historical places like the Minor Basilica Nstra. Mrs. De la Monserrate that is the urban helmet. The basilica is characterized by the Virgin of Monserrate which appeared in the hermitage. The places surrounding it are Calle Santuario, Lema Palacios and the town center.

Another historical place is the house of Los Peregrinos which is also located in the Sanctuary Basilica in which the father who is in charge of the Church lives.