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Located in the northern center region of the island. It limits to the north with the Municipality of Trujillo Alto, to the east with Carolina and Juncos, to the south with San Lorenzo and to the west with Caguas, of which the Rio Grande de Loíza separates it. Formerly Gurabo was a district of Caguas. Gurabo is known as "The People of the Stairs", was founded on November 28,1814. The name of Gurabo means Taino voice. And there is a theory that the name comes from the Cayarabón River that was also called Burabo. The history of Gurabo goes back to when this municipality belonged to the call Hato Grande of San Sebastián that reached the whole Caguas valley.

On November 17,1812, about 168 residents of Gurabo promoted the founding of the town and its parish and on November 28 the power to found the town was obtained.