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Cidra is a municipality in the mountainous central region of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. It is located in the central area of ​​the island, in the central mountain range. It limits to the north with Aguas Buenas and Comerío, to the east with Caguas, to the south with Cayey and to the west with Aibonito, Comerío and Barranquitas. It was founded at the end of the eighteenth century around a small hermitage and was a neighborhood of Cayey until 1809, the year in which its residents achieved the foundation as a municipality.

It is not known with certainty who was the person who donated the land, but there is information that was a former owner of the town who, without demanding any compensation, gave the land. In the Casa Alcaldía there are no official documents on the matter because they were destroyed by the cyclone San Ciriaco. However, it is believed that it was Mrs. Viviana Vázquez who donated them. It has 36.3 square miles and is located in the humid mountains of the east of the island. Its population is approximately 48,761 inhabitants. The word citron has no Indo-Antillean roots. Its origin is Latin and is derived from "citrus", which is called lemon fruit, citron is a variety. The origin of its name comes from the fruit of citron, still no data that explain the origin of this name for the town.

It is thought that its name is due to the sowing of citron trees where the town is today. The town of Cidra is known as the Pueblo La Eterna Primavera, due to its cool temperatures and hydrographies. It is also known as the Pueblo de la Paloma Sabanera, the only pigeon on the island that has blue eyes and that nests in the area of ​​Cidra.