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Ciales is a municipality in the mountainous central region of Puerto Rico. It was founded on June 24,1820 by Isidro Rodríguez. It is also known as «The City of Cohoba»,«The Coffee Land» and «Ciales Puerta de la Cordillera Central». Ciales is divided into 8 neighborhoods and Ciales Pueblo, the administrative center and main town of the municipality.: Ciales is located in the north and center of. Puerto Rico. It borders on the north with the towns of Manatí and. Barceloneta, with Juyuya and Orocovis in the south, with Morovis in the east. And on the west with Utuado. Currently, Ciales has eight neighborhoods: Jaguas, Pesas,. Cordillera, Pozas, Hato Viejo, Cialitos, Toro Negro and Fronton.