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Ceiba is one of the 78 municipalities of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. In the 2010 Census it had a population of 13,631 inhabitants and a population density of 33.13 persons per km², founded on April 7,1838 by Luis de la Cruz. It owes its name to the tree of the same name that abounds in its lands. Also known as "The No Soup" and "The City of Marlin." Ceiba has as its main beach «Los Machos», a biogenic or sand beach from the coral reef, close to its shores. It also has in its municipality, the famous "Base" Roosevelt Roads. The Roosevelt Roads Naval Base was officially closed on March 31,2004.

Currently, most of its facilities have been transferred to the local Redevelopment Board, an entity established by the federal and state government to manage its operation until 2014, according to the law.508 who creates it. In October 2012, the land for economic development will be transferred in its entirety to the aforementioned entity. Ceiba is very famous for the soup festival, the Limber Festival and the search for gold among other events. The Municipality of Ceiba is distinguished by having its different tree in the middle of the playground, the "Ceiba Pentandra".