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Cabo Rojo

Cabo Rojo is a municipality located in the extreme southwest of Puerto Rico. Founded on December 17,1771. It borders on the south with the Caribbean Sea, on the west with the Canal de Mona, on the north with Mayagüez and Hormigueros, and on the east with Lajas, Hormigueros and San Germán. Cabo Rojo is divided into 5 districts, which are composed of 8 neighborhoods and Cabo Rojo Centro, its civic center, an area that includes the main urban area of ​​the city, is the seat of the municipal government and is located about 3 kilometers from the coastal line of the southwest of the island.

The Municipality of Cabo Rojo, officially known as the Autonomous Municipality of Cabo Rojo, is the sixth largest in Puerto Rico in terms of territory, the second largest city in the west of Puerto Rico, after Mayagüez, the most populated city in the country. District 20 and the municipality of Puerto Rico with more coasts. It is also known as: "Ciudad Mata con Hacha","Capital of Tourism","Cuna de Betances","Cuna del Pirata Cofresí","Capital of Seafood" and for its wonders,"Wonderful City". It is one of the main agricultural centers, of natural and cultural resources of the country, it has the largest domestic traffic of domestic tourism in the country and is known nationally for its cultural icons and landscapes, such as Boquerón Bay, the statue of the Cofresi Pirate, the Boquerón, Combate, Buyé and Playuela beaches, its Convention Center, the Boquerón Forest, the Piñero Island, the New Year's Eve Festivities in Boquerón and the summer celebrations. His name is Caborrojeño.