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  2. Chats in Sodo
  3. Chats in Hosa’ina
  4. Chats in Arba Minch
  5. Chats in Dīla
  6. Chats in Yirga ‘Alem
  7. Chats in Felege Neway
  8. Chats in Āreka
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  12. Chats in K’olīto
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  14. Chats in Bonga
  15. Chats in Mīzan Teferī
  16. Chats in Wendo
  17. Chats in Leku
  18. Chats in Gīdolē
  19. Chats in Hāgere Selam
  20. Chats in Konso
  21. Chats in Lobuni

Federal State of Ethiopia, one of its nine ethnic regions or divisions. Its extension is 112,727 km² to the southwest of the country. Its population is 12,132,000. Its capital is Awasa. Other important localities are Arba Minch, Wendo, Dila, Yinga Alem, Sodo, Bonga and Mizan Teferi. The region borders Kenya to the south, the Ethiopian region of Gambela to the north, the Ethiopian region of Oromia to the north and east, and South Sudan to the west.