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Chuquisaca is one of the nine departments belonging to the Plurinational State of Bolivia, its capital is Sucre, seat of the Judicial Power and historical-constitutional capital of Bolivia. It is located in the center of the country, bounded on the north by Cochabamba, on the east by Santa Cruz and Paraguay, on the south by Tarija and on the west by Potosí. With 51 524 km² it is the second least extensive department, ahead of Tarija. According to the official census conducted in 2012, the department has a population of 581 347 inhabitants. Regarding its demographic position at the national level, the population of the department represents 5.48% of Bolivia.

Administratively, the department of Chuquisaca is made up of 10 provinces, which, in turn, are divided into 29 municipalities. The municipality of Sucre is the most populated with a population of 261 201 inhabitants, accounting for 44.93% of the total departmental population. According to official data from the National Institute of Statistics of Bolivia, in 2016 the economy of the entire Department of Chuquisaca reached US $ 1707 million, which represents 5.01% of the Total Economy of Bolivia. In terms of income per capita, the department closed the year 2016 with US $ 2772 dollars on average for each Chuquisaca.