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Tarija is one of the nine departments that make up the Plurinational State of Bolivia. Its capital is the Tarija homonymous. It is located in the extreme south of the country, bordering the north with Chuquisaca to the north, east with Paraguay to the trifinio Hito Esmeralda, where its southern border begins with Argentina, and west with Potosí. With 37 623 km² it is the least extensive department, with 482 196 is the third least populated -before Beni and Pando, the least populated- and with 12.8 inhabitants / km², the third most densely populated, behind Cochabamba and Peace. It was founded on the twenty-fourth of September 1831. It is affectionately called by its inhabitants chura earth.

Tarija has had, in the last decades, a great economic growth, thanks to the exploitation of its natural resources, being considered the second department with less poverty within the Bolivian state. The economy of the Department of Tarija is the fourth largest economy in Bolivia. In 2018, the production of the entire department reached 3,204 million dollars of GDP. With this figure, Tarija's GDP represents 7.9% of the Total Economy of Bolivia. In terms of per capita income, the department closed the year 2018 with US $ 5,683 dollars on average for each tarijeño.