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Rio Negro

The Province of Río Negro, or more briefly Río Negro, is one of the twenty-three provinces that make up the Argentine Republic and one of the twenty-four self-governing states or jurisdictions of the first order that make up the country, and which in turn are electoral districts National legislatures: Its capital is Viedma and its most populated city, San Carlos de Bariloche.

Located to the center-north of the Patagonian region, it limits to the northwest with the Limay River that forms part of its border with Neuquén, to the north with the Colorado River that separates it from the Province of La Pampa, to the northeast with the Province of Buenos Aires and the San Matías Gulf, to the south with Chubut and to the west of Chile, whose limit is determined by the line of high peaks of the Andes mountain range. The boundaries of the provinces of La Pampa, Río Negro, Mendoza and Neuquén, are at a point, at the intersection of the Colorado River with the meridian. With 203,013 km² it is the fourth largest province -behind the Province of Buenos Aires, Santa Cruz and Chubut- and with 3.1 hab / km², the fourth least densely populated, ahead of Chubut, the Province of La Pampa and Santa Cruz, the least densely populated. Its official symbols are the Anthem to Río Negro, the Escudo de Río Negro and the flag of the Province of Río Negro.