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Vargas is one of the twenty-three states that, together with the Capital District and the Federal Dependencies, form the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Its capital is La Guaira. It is located in the center-north of the country, in the Capital region. It limits to the north with the Caribbean Sea, to the south with Miranda and the Capital District, to the southwest with Aragua. With 1497 km² it is the second least extensive state -before Nueva Esparta-, with 352 087 inhabitants in 2011, the fourth least populated -before Cojedes, Delta Amacuro and Amazonas, the least populated- and with 236 inhabitants / km², the fourth most densely populated, behind Carabobo, Nueva Esparta and Miranda. It has a single autonomous municipality and 11 civil parishes.

Its main cities are: La Guaira, Caraballeda, Catia La Mar, Macuto and Maiquetía. It is considered the gateway to the country, since it is home to one of the most important ports and airports in the country. The state owes its name to José María Vargas.