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Cesar is one of the thirty-two departments that, together with Bogotá, Distrito Capital, form the Republic of Colombia. Its capital is Valledupar. It is located northeast of the country, in the Andean and Caribbean regions, bounded on the north by La Guajira, east by Venezuela, southeast by Norte de Santander, south by Santander, southwest by Bolívar and west by Magdalena. On June 21,1967 President Carlos Lleras Restrepo sanctioned the law by means of which Cesar's department was created. According to the document, the entity would start operating 6 months later, in December 1967. As capital it was designated Valledupar, a city that had previously been the capital of the Upar Valley department of the Sovereign State of Magdalena in 1864.

Cesar is after Antioquia and before Bogotá, the second department with the highest exports from Colombia, with a figure that amounted to US $ 1,876 million between January and August 2017. The department has indigenous settlements in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, where They live in the Arhuacos, Arzarios, Kankuamos, Koguis, Chimilas and in the Serrania del Perijá, the Yucos live.